Meet the team

All these great memories and adventures would not be possible without a dedicated team of people involved in making sure of it's success!

Executive Team

Nothing Stands In Our Way.

Our commitment to the success of the project is our driving force. We also think we look extremely adorable and cuddly.

Finance Team

Show Me The Money.

We currently have not completed our 27 semester hours of accounting course work. But we really do like the smell of money.

Marketing Team

We Know Where We Stand

We don't foresee any markets that aren't candidates for our product offerings. We have been known to use scare tactics.


Stuff I've written about

Minnie Winnie

A friend of mine recently purchased a Minnie Winnie and was itching to take it out for it’s first camping trip. Now this being the break-in trip and all, it’s something which is best suited Read more…

Salsa Brava Run Club

I’m thinking this run club started about 11 years ago. Many ‘members’ have come and gone over those years, so this is but a small sampling of the ones that could make it out for Read more…

Mr. Keyblur

I made a quick stop at Loaf ‘N Jug to pick up a drink before heading to Monument for a short drive. A young gentleman was sitting outside with a full backpack and day pack Read more…