I decided pictures were worth more than words for this combined posting. Two of my friends, code named Steve and Cory, and I went on a three day camping trip to a super secret spot! We had a blast. We enjoyed each others company, as well as, all that nature would give us.

I learned that when you are out in the middle of the mountains there are so many more stars to look at. To see more pictures of our trip which didn’t quite make the editor’s cut, visit my Instagram page.

Day 11

The Truck Is All Packed And Ready To Go.
The Camping Is Always Better On The Other Side Of The River.
I’ll Call This My Home For The Duration Of The Trip.
My Buds Will Bed Down In This Comfortable Fortress.
The Three Amigos That Star In This Camping Extravaganza.
The Gurgling Body Of Water By Our Campsite.
The Traditional Center Piece Used In Many Outdoor Celebrations.

Day 12

The Early Bird Catches The Worm, Or Is Stuck Building The Fire.
I Haven’t Yet Eaten A Pine Tree, But I Have Flavored My Drink With One.
Steve, The Master Chef, Samples The Flavors Being Concocted In The Kitchen.
Cory, The Trusted Side, Makes Sure The Chef Is Fully Stocked With Spices.
Don’t Even Think About Picking This Colorado State Flower.
This Is Nature And The Wild. Some Of The Animals Are A Bit Thin.
The Ancient Statue Tree Has Many Stories Which Could Be Told.
A Closer Look At The Story Teller Tree.
Honeybuns Are A Wonderful Way To Celebrate Any Occasion.
Who’s Woods Are These. I Think I Know.
The Oridinary Kitchen Cutting Board Has Many Uses.
The Wood Gnome At My Feet Guards Stands Over Our Stack.
If We Wait Long Enough, The Elk Will Surely Show Themselves.

Day 13

All I Need Is This Wooden Staff And This Pack.
Someone Once Told Me To Give It A Shot.
Giddy Up Little Doggies, We Still Have A Ways To Go.
And We Shall Now Call This Place ‘Horse Head Campsite’.
It’s Always Common Courtesy To Leave It The Way You Found It.
I’m Thinking It’s Now Time To Invest In A New Pair Of Shoes.
The Parking Lot Night…Walmart, A School, And Finally A Park.
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