I Don’t Hunt


My first hunting trip! Actually, I was doing the camping and my friend was doing the hunting. Either way, it was a great chance to get outdoors and enjoy the mountains for four days. Even though it was early November we still had warm weather considering we were at 9,600 feet.

I want to mention a few highlights of my trip, and then let some of my pictures tell the rest of the story. To see more pictures of my trip which didn’t quite make the editor’s cut, you may visit my Instagram page.

  • Four Moose – We saw four moose one morning. Yep, one bull, one cow and two calves all walking down the trail like a happy little family. I’m sure the bull would soon be resuming his solitary lifestyle though. Definitely a treat to see moose in the wild.
  • 91 Years Old – We met a gentleman and his wife that were out hunting. Nothing out of the ordinary, except that he had just turned 91 years old! This guy was out there with his four wheel drive truck bouncing across streams and trails to get to his favorite hunting spots. He was full of stories and knowledge which we intently listened to. Steve and I sang him ‘Happy Birthday’ on his actual 91 year old birthday.
  • John And Zach – Steve met this father and son team back in 2007 for the first time. Zach was only 12 years old then. We hung out with them a couple of nights and swapped hunting stories. Zach and I witnessed Steve and John perform their rendition of ‘The Dueling Elk Bugle’. John and Zach told Steve and I about the time they befriended Tommy Lee Jones in this very spot and ended up hunting a bit with him!

Day 1

The Monster seems to start most of my trips.
Need to go about another 5 miles.
Come here and give me a kiss.
Bob and Steve at camp.

Day 2

Inside our home for the next few days.
Yes, that black dot is a moose.
Gear table after a long days hike/hunt.
The moon is on it’s way up.

Day 3

Spirit of the elk shrine.
We traded our horses for these.
All dressed and ready for another hike/hunt.
John and his son Zach visit with us.

Day 4

Now that is a heart attack on a plate.
Hair of the dog that bit you.
Packing out of the woods and going back home.