It was time to get away from the heat generated from all of the pavement and head west for a refreshing overnight in the Buffalo Peaks area. I always enjoy coming out here to either spend time with friends or, just as importantly, to spend time with just me! This was a just me trip!

As almost all of my excursions go, I started out with the traditional beverage of choice to get me geared up for the drive. I got a lazy start around 9 AM. It’s just under a 3 hour drive to camp, but the last 8 miles are slow going on a back road. You will need 4 wheel drive near the end, as there are 2 stream crossings!

I got camp setup and headed out for my hike.Along the way I passed through what I now call Indian Paint Forest. A bit further along the journey was a random sampling of heaven on earth.

I finally ended up making it to my destination. Many of us simply call it the ancient tree. It is so cool. Here stands this long since dead tree out in the middle of a huge meadow. If it could only tell us it’s tales!

On the way back to camp I did scare up an elk about 30 yards off the trail. Or maybe it scared me up! It was just loud crashing and banging through trees getting the heck out of my sight. I would include a picture, but I only saw a flash of legs and body!

Back at camp I rebuilt the existing fire pit. I don’t know why people make them so big and create such large fires. My version is much smaller and includes a cook top! This makes it easy to cook up a slab of bison…or maybe just some top ramen and tuna fish!

It was a great quick trip! I really enjoy getting out on my own and reflecting! I won’t get all philosophical, so I’ll just leave it at that. Oh! One last thing. On my way out, as I got closer to civilization I was treated to a quick glimpse of the ever so elusive wild cattle!