My options for camping are becoming limited this year, simply because of other weekend conflicts, combined with not really owning good cold weather gear. Plus, I much prefer to camp in nice weather anyway! So with that in mind, I went for another quick overnight this weekend.

It was a bit random as far as how things turned out. After talking with a friend, I was planning on going to one location, but after arriving I quickly turned away. There was way to much going on with ATV’s, boats and the homes which people pull behind their cars! I headed back to my standby area and enjoyed the solitude of wilderness for miles!

Did I mention I had to share it with ghosts? Only about 50 yards from my campsite was a cross. This should have been my first clue! I’ve seen them out in the wilderness before so thought nothing of it. I got camp setup and began exploring around the area. I came upon a stump about 30 yards from my tent. It looked harmless! But after doing a double take something jumped out at me!

I built a fire that night and just hung out for a while having a couple of beers and thinking about nothing. Suddenly I started getting these weird fire displays! They looked like worms jumping out from the flames! They lasted for about a minute and then the fire resumed it’s normal burn. OK, time to go to bed!

I listened to the owls and the coyotes throughout the night and into the early morning hours. I made my pine needle tea and oatmeal over the morning fire! No ghosts came and stole me in the night!