Minnie Winnie

A friend of mine recently purchased a Minnie Winnie and was itching to take it out for it’s first camping trip. Now this being the break-in trip and all, it’s something which is best suited for a guys trip out as apposed to wife and family. I mean you never know what could go wrong … Read more

Salsa Brava Run Club

I’m thinking this run club started about 11 years ago. Many ‘members’ have come and gone over those years, so this is but a small sampling of the ones that could make it out for our last run as Salsa Brava runners! We celebrated many birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and congrats on last weekends races here. … Read more

Camping With Ghosts

My options for camping are becoming limited this year, simply because of other weekend conflicts, combined with not really owning good cold weather gear. Plus, I much prefer to camp in nice weather anyway! So with that in mind, I went for another quick overnight this weekend. It was a bit random as far as … Read more

Mount Princeton With Friends

A friend of mine was in town this past week with his son on a combined business/pleasure trip. The pleasure part included doing some Colorado white water rafting and mountain climbing. I met them in Buena Vista, after they had done some river rafting, for a bite to eat. After that we were off to find … Read more

I Got KISSed Last Night

Thanks to my buddy Cory for inviting me to the KISS concert at the Boadmoor World Arena! Wow! What a show. I never before saw this band live or purchased any of their albums back in the day, but it sure was an incredible concert. Their Hall Of Fame music was accompanied by some really cool laser affects, … Read more

Buffalo Peaks Solo Overnight

It was time to get away from the heat generated from all of the pavement and head west for a refreshing overnight in the Buffalo Peaks area. I always enjoy coming out here to either spend time with friends or, just as importantly, to spend time with just me! This was a just me trip! As … Read more

Father Daughter Time

Gotta love it…father daughter time! Nicole and I spent most of the day together. She is looking at getting a truck for her first car! Unfortunately our mechanic checked it out and told us to keep looking. But, we then did the Cutler Mountain trail in Cheyenne Canyon. It was very cool. Good talks. Good … Read more

Colorful Colorado

Time to get out and check out the colors. This time of year weekends are made for heading west and checking out the colors. Denise and I got an early start and gazed at Colorado’s beauty most of the day. We did have to get back in time to watch the Broncos go 3 and … Read more

Ptarmigan Lake Area

The warm weather weekends are not with us for much longer this year. I decided to head west into the mountains and get away from the concrete. I had no real destination, just a journey. A friend of mine had hiked Ptarmigan Lake just outside of Buena Vista and said it was a great hike. … Read more

Doing Time At The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

I love animals. Animals are the true ‘minimalists’. Obviously I prefer them to be in their native wild habitats, but Colorado doesn’t really have the habit for Bengal Tigers or Asian Elephants and unfortunately many of their natural habitats are shrinking. Good zoos educate the pubic about conservation issues and inspire people to protect animals … Read more