And So It Ends

Run Forrest Run. Today is one of those bitter sweet days. I knew one day soon my status would change from homeless to having a place to call home again. Tomorrow is that day. With that in mind, I decided to do things a little differently for my last night out on this adventure. I … Read more

Day 15

Joining the gang for a run at Salsa Brava tonight. We have a core group that have been doing this run together for quite a number of years now. Over the years it’s changed from being fairly standard, to doing whatever each would like to. Meaning that we all show up at whatever time we … Read more

Day 14

I would have to say that today was mostly a recover day from the camping adventure. I had to catch up from taking three days off! There were cloths to wash. Equipment to clean and organize and replenish. My daughter, who needed taxi services to horseback riding and friends. Work which needed catching up on. … Read more

Days 11 – 13

I decided pictures were worth more than words for this combined posting. Two of my friends, code named Steve and Cory, and I went on a three day camping trip to a super secret spot! We had a blast. We enjoyed each others company, as well as, all that nature would give us. I learned … Read more

Day 10

A nice sight to wake up to in the morning. Most of today was spent making final preparations for my camping trip and running errands that needed tending to. However, I did get to break away and watch Nicole do what she loves to do. I’ll let you guess which item was poured out so … Read more

Day 9

Today is a full day of planning and organizing, as I will be leaving the day after tomorrow on a three day camping trip. I went through all my gear to make sure I had everything in place. The Big Three: Backpack, Tent, Sleeping system Food: 3 Meals Per Day, Cooking Items Clothing: Jacket, Rain … Read more

Day 8

Today was not too exciting from the point of view of a mini series, but from the point of view of a parent it was memorable. Today was mostly spent either with Nicole, or just relaxing. The portion of the day spent with Nicole was exciting to say the least. We almost rolled the jeep! … Read more

Day 7

I spent the majority of the day with one of my brothers, code named Brett. Brett is a huge Denver Bronco fan. With that said, we did a Denver Bronco tour. The tour started with the new additions to the Bronco’s training facility. I don’t believe it’s scheduled to be completed for this coming season, … Read more

Day 6

After texting with an old high school friend, code named Tim, I immediately knew how I was going to spend the night. After graduation, we would randomly do road trips. We wouldn’t plan the trips, we would just get in the car and drive. We’d sleep in the car and bathe in the river. Very … Read more

Day 5

At 6:00 AM, after a wet night, I had a craving for some coffee and a Sausage McMuffin. Not the healthiest breakfast, but yum! After that it was off to get some work done. The library doesn’t open until 10:00 AM on Saturdays, so I found a park and got some non-laptop related work done first. … Read more