What’s Your Satisfaction Threshold

How much does it take for you to be satisfied? For me, I can’t stop after having only one of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, I want both! I have to watch the entire Jurassic Park movie, leaving the theater half way through is not an option. I know the price of hot dogs at … Read more

Thanks But No Thanks

I have to admit, this is a well decorated and nicely furnished living room. It has all the right things. Matching and centered pictures adorn the fireplace mantle which is used for displaying various forms of artwork. Sofas and arm chairs filled with throw pillows to discourage any seating. And a number of plants, whether … Read more

More Is Better

The African proverb ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ means the work put forth in raising a child cannot be done alone; an entire community must participate to some extent in the task. So, why am I writing about the task of raising a child on a minimalist website? Minimalism is much more … Read more

Does This Thing Add Value To My Life

Granted, there is no universally accepted definition of what it means to be a minimalist or live a minimal lifestyle. It’s different for each individual and each one of us can incorporate minimalism in our lives at varying degrees. However, having established that, I do believe there are some general axioms of what it means … Read more

Collect Memories Not Stuff

This wagon doesn’t represent someone hauling around a bunch of stuff. This chuck wagon represents a great memory. This chuck wagon belongs to the cook who conjured up a meal for a hundred plus people. The entrees were prepared in dutch ovens heated from coals laid out in small pits on the ground. This wagon … Read more

Just In Case

So you just set up that new DVD player you purchased. You test it out and everything looks great. Actually, it looks better than great because you also decided to buy those high quality audio/video cables as apposed to the inexpensive ones that came with the DVD player. It’s time to sit back and watch … Read more

My Office

I’ve read a lot of stories about successful companies that started out of a garage. Companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, Starbucks and Hewlett Packard all started from within the walls of a small garage. I thought I would try something a bit different and see what happens if I had my office contained within the … Read more

If You Build It He Will Come

‘If you build it, he will come.’ Kevin Costner was superb in the classic movie ‘Field of Dreams’. The plot of the movie is built around the construction of a baseball diamond out in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa. However, I don’t want to go into the true meaning of the movie and … Read more

My Wallet

My homemade duck tape wallet. I love it. On one side I have my drivers license, and the other side I have my credit card. I also try to carry a ten dollar bill underneath my drivers license for emergencies! It folds neatly in half and all is safe. In addition to being simple and … Read more

Does Your Stuff Own You

Have you discovered that you’re no longer able to find anything in your own garage? Are you always having to step around things just to make it through your bedroom? Does it seem like you are spending more time dusting and cleaning your stuff and not enough time enjoying life? If you answered yes to any … Read more