Bumps In The Road

It’s been said the journey is more important, fulfilling or enjoyable than the destination. A three day point to point hike is all about the journey, not the car waiting to bring you home at the end. Graduating from college is just as much about the experiences, contacts and relationships gained along the journey. The … Read more


It’s not my fault… I was only… It’s because Billy did… I didn’t know that… Wow! Haven’t we all heard these excuses before? Why is it so hard for some people to take accountability for their own actions? It’s not just with the young either. This personality flaw, learned behavior, or whatever it may be … Read more


I was in the library this morning working on UberEZ and soon found myself randomly smiling and laughing to myself! At that point, I decided that some of the technical back-end website work I was wanting to complete didn’t seem so important. I though to myself…this can wait for a little while! The library had … Read more

A Memory Is Born

Without getting to caught up in the details, the theories, and the science of memories, I believe a brief layman’s overview is in order. We’re all bombarded with millions of pieces of visual and verbal information on a daily basis. Which pieces of stimulus will be retained as a memory and which will be discarded? … Read more

Simple Acts Of Kindness

It really doesn’t take all that much! Just the other day I was doing some off road driving with my daughter and ran into a problem. One of the fuel line hoses split, which pretty much rendered my car useless. A couple of guys came by on four wheelers, and between all of us we … Read more

Don’t Let The Stupid Stuff Get In The Way

Don’t let the stupid stuff get in the way of what truly makes your life enjoyable. Wow! That’s an obvious and bold statement to make. However obvious or bold or indisputable the statement may appear to be, we often don’t allow ourselves the time to act upon it. We continually concede to allowing the stupid … Read more

Front Porch

What happened to the front porch? The place where people would hang out and enjoy the company of their neighbors. The place where one could sit back in a rocking chair and watch the storm come in. The place where one might simply choose to relax and enjoy watching the happenings around them. It appears … Read more

Mr. Breese

It’s inspiring, encouraging, and just down right enjoyable when one is privileged enough to have known an individual who has made such a positive influence in so many people’s lives. I’m referring to Mr. Breese. Mr. Breese was my high school principal back in the late 70’s in the small town of Monument Colorado. I … Read more

Why Are Some People So Mean

We all know, have read about, or experienced people in our lives that are just plain mean. Not the ‘he called me a name’ mean, but the ‘going out of one’s way to hurt someone physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially’ mean. There are a number of lengthy books and studies which cover this very topic … Read more

To Be Six Again

The rules as to what is and what is not acceptable, or what defines success within the social circles one ends up traveling in, have not yet been forced upon us at age six. The six year old is free to be, think, and act, without giving thought as to whether their actions are socially … Read more