I’m thinking this run club started about 11 years ago. Many ‘members’ have come and gone over those years, so this is but a small sampling of the ones that could make it out for our last run as Salsa Brava runners!

We celebrated many birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and congrats on last weekends races here. We ran when it was icy cold and snowing, and when it was Colorado hot. We ran with headlamps. We ran with dogs. We ran with injuries. And occasionally we ran with hangovers! But we would always gather at the bar afterwards and enjoy one another’s company.

We’re now actively arguing what we do now. Not really. We’ll come up with some place that’s not afraid of taking us in, or maybe we’ll split the wealth among a few places…time will tell. The one thing that’s for sure is that we’ll continue to have some form of a Tuesday run, followed by drinks and conversation afterwards!