Granted, there is no universally accepted definition of what it means to be a minimalist or live a minimal lifestyle. It’s different for each individual and each one of us can incorporate minimalism in our lives at varying degrees. However, having established that, I do believe there are some general axioms of what it means to live a minimal lifestyle.

Does this thing add value to my life?

I feel that’s an important question to answer for someone living a minimalist lifestyle. The answer will most likely be different depending on the person, the situation and the definition of the word value.

If the pottery pictured above is known to have come from the Aztec empire, I would speculate the piece adds the potential for great financial value. Maybe the piece was blessed by an African shaman on your last trip, making it’s value priceless on a spiritual level. Or maybe it’s simply the only bowl you have to eat from. When it breaks you’ll get another one. It’s value is measured by serving a purpose, until it breaks and is replaced.

What adds value to one person’s life may be totally worthless to another. We all have the luxury of answering the simple question ‘Does this thing add value to my life?‘ anyway we wish. The answer to that question will help guide you in embracing a minimalist lifestyle. Question yourself if you find the answer to the question is always yes!

BTW – My daughter made the piece of pottery and gave it to me for Christmas. I’m keeping it. It’s sentimental value is priceless.