My homemade duck tape wallet. I love it. On one side I have my drivers license, and the other side I have my credit card. I also try to carry a ten dollar bill underneath my drivers license for emergencies! It folds neatly in half and all is safe. In addition to being simple and minimal, it often times provides for good conversation when I take it out. There are instructions all over the internet for making duct tape wallets, and yes duct tape purses as well!

So you may ask “Where are the pictures of your daughter? Every good father should have at least one in his wallet.” Nope, no pictures in my wallet…but I have hundreds of pictures accessible from my phone! You may also be thinking “I can’t possibly fit everything I carry in that thing!”. My answer would be that maybe you don’t need to carry all those things with you all the time. Most of us are conditioned into thinking we need certain items in our wallet, or purse. Go through your wallet and check and see what you really need to carry. Actually, my duct tape wallet has another pocket on the outside for those times when I need extra room.

Showing you my wallet, and actually writing about it may seem to be a pretty trivial thing. I would almost tend to agree. However, the point which I’m trying to make is that we have so many opportunities and avenues that we can look at to help us simplify our lives, reduce our clutter and learn to live with less.

Did I mention I love my duct tape wallet? It serves it’s purpose. It was fun to make. It was very inexpensive. It often leads to interesting and enjoyable conversations. Often times making changes in our lifestyle and how to improve upon it starts with simple baby steps.