Don’t let the stupid stuff get in the way of what truly makes your life enjoyable. Wow! That’s an obvious and bold statement to make. However obvious or bold or indisputable the statement may appear to be, we often don’t allow ourselves the time to act upon it. We continually concede to allowing the stupid stuff the power to rob enjoyment from our lives.

The stupid stuff and the enjoyable stuff.

Everyone has stupid stuff. The stupid stuff can be as trivial as the drama with a friend because they didn’t like one of your posts on Facebook. Or, it can be more life impacting, as in deciding what to do about an unrewarding job that has been consuming all of your time and energy. Either way, you yourself are empowered and responsible for getting rid of the stupid stuff. It’s your job to remove the obstacles which are diverting time away from enjoyment.

Everyone also has enjoyable stuff. However, I’m not referring to the joy received from eating cookies, or staying up late watching movies. I’m referring to the joy received from living a simple and purposeful life. A life you are anxious to start each day. A life you feel good about. A life which has purpose. Whatever you decide is important and enjoyable in your life becomes your purpose.

Your purpose doesn’t have to include some huge impacting affect on society as a whole. It can simply be living an uncomplicated lifestyle while enjoying the company of friends and family. Maybe a camping trip to the mountains every now and then.

Whatever your stupid stuff and enjoyable stuff might be, realize that the two apposing positions exist. Start taking the steps of ridding the stupid stuff from your life and opening up the way for all the enjoyable stuff. It’s pretty cool!