We all know, have read about, or experienced people in our lives that are just plain mean. Not the ‘he called me a name’ mean, but the ‘going out of one’s way to hurt someone physically, emotionally, spiritually, or financially’ mean. There are a number of lengthy books and studies which cover this very topic in grave detail. Obviously, there are many many reasons why this type of behavior is witnessed. I’d like to offer a brief discussion on what I think is one of the contributing components.


The stress of trying to keep up with the Jones, or climbing the corporate ladder in search of the impressive job title. The stress of accumulating debt so that one can buy all the latest gadgets, only to find out that all that stuff ends up owning them. How about the stress received from simply having to clean and maintain a huge house full of stuff that really adds no value to their lives.

Stress is unavoidable. Life is not stress free.

However, there are a lot of contributing factors which cause stress in our lives that we can choose to avoid. Living a minimalist lifestyle is one of the tools I believe can aid in reducing the amount of stress inherent in our society.

Just think about how less stressful it would be if you no longer were consumed by the pressures of trying to be what society has defined as successful. Imagine what it would be like to be able to clean your house in 45 minutes instead of the better part of a Saturday. Try to imagine a life without debt, because you no longer need to finance all the newest gadgets that loose their appeal long before they’ve left you credit card statement.

Let’s reduce our stress. I think we’ll all be happier and there will be a lot less mean people.