So, here we go!

The closing on my townhouse went just fine. As of 9:00 AM this morning I am now homeless. The above picture is of my base-camp. I’ll only say that it is someplace on Mt. Herman. If I gave out the exact location the press would surely arrive! Thanks to my brother for helping me select the location and setup the tent.

It’s been very warm the last few day’s and as expected the temperatures have dropped, the fog has rolled in, and rain is predicted for my first night out. I guess this will be a good test to see how water proof my gear is!

My plans for this evening are to run with the club, have a few beers, maybe check in on one of our running buds that had some surgery and then off to the tent! I’m excited that my little adventure has started.

I did learn a few things today. Logistics are going to be interesting. I still have work that needs to get done during the day and items that need to be taken care of. I am not trying to become a mountain man and live off the land in the wild! I’m just taking this time to experiment and step a little outside of my comfort zone.

As I’m sitting here writing this and listening to the thunder, I’m really hoping my gear is water resistant.