A nice sight to wake up to in the morning.

Most of today was spent making final preparations for my camping trip and running errands that needed tending to. However, I did get to break away and watch Nicole do what she loves to do. I’ll let you guess which item was poured out so that the container could be used by the other! The day ended with a run at Old Chicago and some beers with some buds.

I didn’t want to tent camp tonight as I will be leaving tomorrow for my camping adventure and was not wanting to pack a wet tent. This translated to finding a place with a roof where I could layout my sleeping bag. I have a friend, code named Karen. She has a green house!

I thought to myself, this would make for a nice, warm, dry place to spend the night. Karen graciously allowed me to stay in the greenhouse as long as I didn’t roll over on to her tomato plants. This was awesome. There was place on the floor where I could roll out my pad and sleeping bag and enjoyed a very comfortable night’s sleep.

I’ll be leaving on my camping trip tomorrow morning, so my daily updates will not be happening for the next three days. I won’t have the ability to update my site while in the wilds of Colorado. However, I will keep a journal of the days events and will report on them once I get back to civilization! If there is cell coverage, I will post pictures to my Instagram.

I learned today that I’m having way to much fun with this self inflicted homeless status.