I would have to say that today was mostly a recover day from the camping adventure. I had to catch up from taking three days off! There were cloths to wash. Equipment to clean and organize and replenish. My daughter, who needed taxi services to horseback riding and friends. Work which needed catching up on. It’s now already 10:00 PM and I don’t yet know where I will be staying tonight.

I’m going to need to get my jeep running a bit more reliably soon. I have three more adventures I’d like to try and get in this summer, and they all require a reliable vehicle. Firstly, I’d like to go camping with Nicole and some friends. Probably to the super secret place I just got back from. Secondly, I’d like to do a four or five day backpacking trip. Most likely a section of the Colorado Trail. Thirdly, I want to do a week plus road trip. I would camp each night. I’m not yet sure which direction to head, but I’ll research that.

I ended up sleeping in the car at a school parking lot. Either I was more tired this time, or I’m getting used to sleeping in the car, as my sleep was more restful than the last time. Not great, but better.

One of my big takeaways so far with this adventure is the library. It has become my office. I go there to work and update my sites. It’s comfortable. It provides free Wi-Fi. I can recharge my phone. It has great research tools. It has bathroom facilities. It’s free!

I learned today that the hardest thing about deciding where to sleep in a city, suburb, or town is where to safely park the car as to not draw attention.

I’m looking for suggestions on where to go for both my road and backpacking trips. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have some.