Joining the gang for a run at Salsa Brava tonight. We have a core group that have been doing this run together for quite a number of years now. Over the years it’s changed from being fairly standard, to doing whatever each would like to. Meaning that we all show up at whatever time we can make it and run whatever course we decide to. The only constant in the equation is that we always meet afterwards for some refreshing alcoholic beverages and laughter.

I really enjoy these running club nights. Each individual can make whatever they want to with it. The run can be incorporated into part of a training program for an upcoming race or event. It can be used as an excuse to go have a drink with friends. Or it can be used as a purely social experience. For me, I enjoy the benefits of all the options. I do like to get, and stay, in good physical condition. But I also like to socialize with friends while sipping on a cold beer.

Tonight’s run was enjoyable as always. Normally I do a five mile trail run during the summer, but tonight I increased it to seven. It was fairly warm, so it beat me up a bit, but it sure felt good. After the run it was time to enjoy a couple beers with some good friends.

I haven’t been able to sleep very good the last couple of nights. Sleeping in parking lots in a jeep wrangler has started to take it’s toll. I decided I needed to get a good night sleep, so I returned to a previous place I had slept before. The garage. The garage was warm, sheltered, and completely dark. I had a good night’s sleep.

Today I learned that it’s very rewarding to just pick up the phone, or any form of communication, and get in touch with an old friend you haven’t heard from in quite some time. We all tend to get comfortable in our own little world and stop putting forth the effort to maintaining past relationships. Those friends were fun to hang out with before. I wonder what they’re doing now.