Pretty cool! I stayed in a tree fort.

I wanted to move base camp, so I decided to scout out a new location on the mountain this morning. I moved it a little further down, making it closer, plus out of the valley. I’m thinking it may be less windy when the storms roll in. I haven’t stayed there yet but have posted a picture on my Instagram.

So back to the tree fort! As you can see from the picture this is not your ordinary tree fort. It had all the amenities of home. It’s spacious, has shutters that can be closed on the windows. The interior has shelving to store my gear, and it comes with a loft that overlooks the main living area. As if that isn’t enough, I was served eggs, toast and juice in the morning. Basically I stayed at a B&B.

Today I learned about utilizing the library for free internet access and a great place to recharge my batteries! I’m writing this from the library. I’m hoping I will learn all kinds of cool ways to utilize services which are already available to me.