After texting with an old high school friend, code named Tim, I immediately knew how I was going to spend the night. After graduation, we would randomly do road trips. We wouldn’t plan the trips, we would just get in the car and drive. We’d sleep in the car and bathe in the river. Very cool memories.

I met a new friend today. I’ll call him Woody. We probably only met because it appeared like I was trying to vandalize his property. Woody has this really cool wood sculpture on his property that I had to take a picture of. We probably talked for about 30 minutes. Very nice man.

The chance meeting with Woody was followed by a summer barbeque at friends. This man knows how to cook. Just take a look at my plate. Plenty of food, family and friends at this gathering.

A very close friend of mine, I’ll code name him Steve, had his birthday today. After the barbeque it was off to the party. We sang, ate cake, talked, and just basically had a good time enjoying each others company.

This brings me to the point in the day where I need to find a place to sleep. In true Tim fashion, I randomly headed east on highway 24 and pulled off on a dirt road just east of Calhan. It is here that I spent the night in my jeep. My jeep is a bit small, but I think I got some sleep! The sunrise is amazing out on the plains.

Another day of great memories!