Today is a full day of planning and organizing, as I will be leaving the day after tomorrow on a three day camping trip. I went through all my gear to make sure I had everything in place.

I got my backpack all packed and ready to go. I was hoping for no heavier than 35 pounds. It came in at 30 pounds! That includes a platypus with 1 quart of water which fits inside my pack.

I set up my tent earlier today. Before the monsoons hit! We had some pretty extreme weather conditions today. There were storm warnings and flash flood warnings later in the day and into the night. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got back to my tent later this evening. I was pleasantly surprised. With the driving winds and rain, my tent and sleeping bag were dry. It was a rainy, foggy night, but I stayed warm and dry.

I learned today that no matter how long you take to plan, something will be overlooked. I’m wondering what I forgot to pack.