A lot of interesting, compelling, and enjoyable ideas seem to have started from an innocent drink in a bar. I’m hoping this one fits into one of those categories. The above photograph was taken of a wall inside of Southside Johnny’s while relaxing and having a libation with my brother. This is the location of where the idea was hatched.

The situation.

I’m selling my townhouse. Closing is scheduled for July 8, 2014. The place I will be moving into will not be available until the first part of August. Where do I live until my new place becomes available?

The idea.

I’m going to wing it. And I’m going to plan as little of it as possible. The only real plan is that I will set up an initial base camp somewhere on Mt. Herman. My base camp will simply be a tent which I can sleep in if I have not secured any other shelter for that evening. Shelter can be anything from staying with a friend for a night, to staying in a garage, or going back to base camp for the evening.

That’s it.

I will be updating this site with daily articles on where I end up hanging my hat for that particular evening and how it came to be. Any and all suggestions are encouraged, as this is a work in progress. Actually it’s just something fun to try.

Looks good on paper!